The University of Queensland, 4068

Dr Elisa Bayraktarov

Image of Dr Elisa Bayraktarov

Elisa Bayraktarov is an ecologist with background in environmental monitoring. She was the research scientist driving the development of Australia’s Threatened Species Index (2016 – 2020). Elisa worked with a large number of collaborators—from BirdLife Australia, universities (UQ, CDU, ANU, Uni Melbourne, Uni Sydney), collaborators from the Commonwealth and all State and Territory governments, the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Bush Heritage Australia, the Atlas of Living Australia, and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network. Besides her work, Elisa enjoys practicing as many languages as possible (English, German, Spanish, Bulgarian) and loves to watch and perform Improvisational Theatre. Currently, Elisa is the Manager of the EcoCommons program which builds the platform of choice for ecological and environmental modelling ( Elisa is a co-leader of the Threatened Species Index project.