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TSX Training Manual

The TSX Training Manual provides detailed background on the TSX and how it works, and walks data providers and users through data upload and management.

Download here

TSX Data Import Template

To integrate your threatened species monitoring data into the TSX database it must be formatted using the TSX data import template. Formatting your data using the template ensures that you can smoothly and successfully upload your data within our Data Management Interface.

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TSX Training Videos

Data Import Template

Source columns                                                                         04:05

Survey columns                                                                         05:39

Sighting columns                                                                       04:13

Getting your data into the template format                         15:18

Data Management Interface

Creating a new dataset & uploading data                            04:55

Identifying & fixing errors in your data file                           03:08

Uploading new data to an existing dataset                          06:38

Dataset filtering & downloads for custodians                      08:46

Downloads page for program manager                                09:08

Trend Visualiser Tool

Generating & interpreting abundance trends                      06:11

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