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Introducing the TSX team at TERN

The new faces of Australia’s Threatened Species Index (TSX) are Geoff Heard and Tayla Lawrie. The TSX team at TERN, with ongoing support from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, will ensure continued access for all stakeholders to data on changes in the abundance of Australia’s threatened species.

Australians collaborate to provide an index of threatened species

This National Threatened Species Day, we highlight and celebrate the dedication of those individuals and organisations who contribute to monitoring the status of threatened plants and animals in Australia.

Experienced ecologist needed to manage Australia’s TSX

Now hiring! TERN seeks an experienced ecologist to manage Australia’s Threatened Species Index. Applications close 25 August.

Threatened Species Index has moved to TERN

The future of Australia’s most important conservation evaluation tool has been secured. The TSX will stay at The University of Queensland and continue to record and report on the trajectory of the nation’s threatened species. The Australian government’s National Environmental Science Program (NESP) funding for the Threatened Species Recovery Hub finished in June this year, but the future of one of its achievements, the Threatened…
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A hand holding a tiny Leadbeater's Possum

New Factsheets available for the 2020 Threatened Mammal Index

As part of the release of the 2020 Threatened Species Index, two new factsheets have been produced that summarise the updated index results for mammals. These factsheets were developed because of the number of new mammals species that were added for NSW between the 2019 and 2020 version of the Threatened Species Index for mammals.…
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Welcome Australia’s new Threatened Plant Index

Australia’s first Threatened Plant Index is now available as a pilot! After two years of collaboration, data gathering and consultations, the first iteration of this new index covers the period between 1995 and 2017. It captures high-quality time series (monitoring) data on 112 threatened Australian plants from more than 600 locations across the country The 2020…
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Only a few days left for 2020 index data gathering

Dear Wildlife Enthusiasts, Kudos to all of you who repeatedly monitor threatened birds, mammals, and plants in a standardised way at fixed sites over time! Your data is likely suitable for inclusion in Australia’s Threatened Species Index (TSX), as long as you have at least two years of data and you repeat your monitoring at…
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Threatened Mammal Index pilot live!

Australia’s first Threatened Mammal Index is now available as a pilot! The first iteration of this new index covers the period between 1995 and 2016 and captures high-quality time series (monitoring) data on 57 threatened and near-threatened Australian mammals from a total of almost 10,000 surveys and from over 1,000 locations across the country! The first…
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A threatened plant

Do you have data to shape Australia’s Threatened Species Index for 2020?

Dear wildlife enthusiasts, Once again we are calling for new data to produce Australia’s (and the World’s) first Threatened Species Index (TSX) for 2020! Do you count threatened or near-threatened birds, plants or mammals? We are collecting monitoring data for the TSX until 31 May 2020. This year, we are particularly keen to gather enough…
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Threatened Bird Index V2.0 is live!

Welcome Australia’s Threatened Bird Index (TBX) – in its second year of running! The index now contains high-quality time series on 65 bird taxa monitored at over 17,000 sites! The time series are as short as 2 years, with some of them as long as 55 years – this is data from over 400,000 surveys!…
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