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Growing the threatened species index

The Threatened Species Index is a dynamic tool that helps us understand how Australia’s threatened species are faring. Beginning with threatened birds, the index is being expanded to other taxonomic groups, with indices for plants and mammals currently under development.

The index is growing. More data can be added as they become available. As data for more threatened species are added, the index will become even more powerful, meaningful and representative.

The Threatened Species Index for Australian Birds has been generated through a partnership between the National Environmental Science Program’s Threatened Species Recovery Hub, The University of Queensland and BirdLife Australia. It is supported by the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy, all State and Territory governments, and over 30 other conservation and research organisations. It was made possible through our many partners, including the contributions of over 70 teams and individuals dedicated to monitoring our threatened species.

The 2018 Threatened Bird Index is created from 5,320 time series showing trends for 43 threatened bird species.

Data quality was maximised by:

1) ensuring each dataset has been produced by standardised monitoring and

2) sending surveys on 111 eligible datasets to data contributors and requesting them to assess the trends produced for their datasets. Feedback was received for 82% of the datasets.

Only time series that had been produced by standardised monitoring and with a minimum length of four years collected between 1985 and 2015 inclusive have been used to calculate the index. No trends are calculated for data on less than three species.

Find out how to contribute your threatened species monitoring data to help grow the index.