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Stay tuned for the Threatened Bird Index V2.0 release!

Stay tuned for the Threatened Bird Index V2.0 release!

Exciting news everyone!

The second iteration of the Threatened Bird Index (TBX) will be released on December 2nd at 12:00noon AEST!

Make sure to tune in and find out how Australia’s threatened and near-threatened birds are going!

Since last year, the amount of data integrated has jumped from 10,000 to over 17,000 monitored sites and from 59 to 65 bird species and subspecies, increasing the strength of the results. We are now accepting time series from repeatedly monitored sites as short as 2 years.

We’d like to acknowledge our partner BirdLife Australia as well as all other data custodians for their pioneering work in monitoring the birds we love and making this incredibly valuable data available to the index! Without your efforts to travel vast distances and often on own time and expenses, this powerful communication tool for Australia wouldn’t have been possible!


Photo: Far Eastern Curlew by Glenn Ehmke