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Threatened Bird Index V2.0 is live!

Threatened Bird Index V2.0 is live!

Welcome Australia’s Threatened Bird Index (TBX) – in its second year of running!

The index now contains high-quality time series on 65 bird taxa monitored at over 17,000 sites! The time series are as short as 2 years, with some of them as long as 55 years – this is data from over 400,000 surveys! Last year’s index was based on 59 threatened and near-threatened birds and just over 10,000 sites.

The index shows that Australia’s threatened and near-threatened birds are still declining. Last year’s index showed a 52% average decrease (1985-2015) while this year’s index suggests an average decrease of 59% (1985-2016). Migratory shorebirds have decreased by 72%.

The Threatened Species Index Team thanks all data custodians who continued to monitor the birds we love – no matter the endless hours travelled or the enormous time commitments!

Photo: Bar-tailed Godwits by Glenn Ehmke

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